About Us

Thanks to over 20 years of experience in the field, Quotalavoro provides technical

services to its customers that covers everything in the world of anti -falling safety harness

equipment and work for businesses and sports.

Our services are mainly used in the following sectors: telecommunications, radio, TV production,

as well as electricity distribution, water, wind, industrial, construction, petrochemical, offshore oil

rigs, shipbuilding, reservoirs, hangars for aircraft, loading and unloading stations, and


Supplies: We offer online and direct delivery of category 3a PPE (Personal Protective

Equipment) and protective clothing. We are authorized distributors of the world's leading

companies in the production of:

  • Individual protective devices for work at heights, with access ropes, and inpolluted environments (also referring to restricted and confined spaces)
  • Permanent or lifeline fall protection systems
  • Technical equipment for work at heights and Tree climbing
  • Recovery systems for rescues

We are authorized to revise annually the anti- falling third category PPE, such as Service Point,

for companies marketed by us.