Protection Systems

Quotalavoro is an official partner of Genesi by Somain Italia, thanks to the close collaboration
with qualified manufacturers of fall protection systems and anchoring devices for the prevention
of falls from great heights, it offers a complete service regarding the design and installation of
life lines and stairs in civil and industrial environments, compliant with Standards EN 795 and
EN 353, in addition to fixed and self-supporting parapets conforming to the EN 14122-3

  • Free quote and site inspection by a qualified technician
  • Prepared designs by a qualified engineer
  • materials supply
  • Installation with the aid of specialized and certified technical use of access systems andpositioning by means of ropes
  • Support, maintenance and annual review, required by law, of permanent fall protectionsystems and lifelines from marketed companies.


Solutions for working at great heights without risk

Do you work on roofs, on façades, on elevated systems or in confined spaces? Choose
the maximum safety and comfort for optimal work thanks to the systems we supply.
Quotalavoro has been developing innovative solutions for work safety for 10 years: from
conception to design, moving from production to assembly, to control and maintenance.

Fall Protection

From the anchor point, to the life lines passing to the parapets, Quotalavoro has selected
a complete and reliable range of anti-fall devices made with effective materials of excellent


Facade Maintenance

Quotalavoro offers systems for facade maintenance. Stairs, walkways, nacelles, ramps,
etc ... are increasingly indispensable devices and solutions to simplify and make their work
incomparable. Would you like more information on these products? Contact us!


Areas for Application

QUOTALAVORO offers the right solution for each type of application.
>> Industrial Areas
What’s the right system?
The systems available on the market present important differences in construction and
application. To choose the optimal system, it is necessary to evaluate the safety features,
the operating methods, ease of use and use, duration, maintenance and the possibility of
intensive and prolonged use. One thing is certain: the fall arrest systems designed for
each specific situation, not only reduce the risk of accidents, but increase the efficiency of
the activities carried out. Fall protection devices and life lines are mainly used in the
following sectors: radio and TV telecommunications, production and distribution of
electricity, water, wind, industrial, construction, petrochemical, offshore oil platforms,
shipbuilding, wells, hangars for aircraft, and loading and unloading stations. Quotalavoro
provides you with the technical solution to deal with every work problem from great
heights, and with its staff of technicians and engineers you can take advantage of the
turnkey service customizing the fall protection system best suited to your needs.
Contact us for an inspection!
>> Civil Areas
What features must an anchoring system have?
A fundamental premise in illustrating the criteria for choosing an anchoring system is to
know that there are no standard systems suitable for all roofs. The crucial aspect to
always keep in mind is that each cover needs an anchoring system that has been well
studied, by analyzing the characteristics and peculiarities of the roof itself. In particular, the
system must:

  • be suitable for the roof structure
  • minimize any stress on the operator in the event of a fall
  • be certified according to the standard UNI EN 795 e UNI 11578
  • be complete with manual and assembly instructions, including technical data for the
  • verification of the structure for a correct design
  • be correctly checked (every 12 months) and maintained

It is important to emphasize that the materials chosen for the roof anchoring system
should be suitable to last over time without major maintenance work.
Quotalavoro has the technical solution to deal with the choice of the most suitable
system for your needs and through its staff of technicians and engineers, offers you the
turnkey service for the construction of the most suitable fall protection system for your
By sending your cover project to you will receive, after our
inspection aimed at collecting all the necessary information, a quote for the
implementation, design and testing of the life line.