Consultation and Training

Technical consultation for safety and security in the work environment

The LD. 81/08 and subsequent amendments Agreement approved by Regions

State, on 21 December 2011, defines a company’s obligation for compliance with regard to

health and safety in the workplace.

QUOTALAVORO along with your technical staff is able to

support your business, and adapt it to legislative obligations, enabling you to improve the way

you work.


Discover our consultation areas

  • Undertaking the office of Prevention and Protection Services Manager
  • Support for the Election of the Workers’ Saftey Representative
  • Drafting of risk assesment (DVR) and interogations to the DVR
  • Drafting of Emergency and Evacuation Plans
  • Drafting of Evacuation Plans
  • Drafting of Safety and Coordination Plans and DUVRI’ s (One Document for the
  • Evaluation of Interfering Risks)
  • Undertaking the office of Qualified Medic and carrying out health survaillance, etc.
  • Machinery certificationD.Lgs. 17/2012, legal appraisals


Training Courses and Certification

Certified training courses

Quotalavoro collaborates with Confindustria Imperia and with Alpiwork, as Professional

Association of Alpine Guides, providing certified training courses for prevention of health and

safety risks in the workplace


Daily Training

Quotalavoro firmly believes that the success of a company is the result of the skills of its

employees acquired through their experience and training. The training courses are inclusive

of support material, learning tests, questionnaire evaluation-training actions, certification of

successful training with relative registered attendance and certification.

Training funded for the prevention of health and safety risks in the workplace.

Training can be financed through specific bursaries or through the use of inter-professional


Service offer:

  • Coaching: personalized training and assistance for the implementation of the acquiredknowledge, aimed at the development of an employee, for his preparation to fill a newrole or to improve the management of the role already covered.
  • Tutoring: design consultancy and simultaneous training and support for the start-upand / or consolidation of new businesses.
  • Teaching: transfer of cultural, technical and behavioral knowledge.
  • Guide to self-training: training activities, aimed at enhancing elements of developmentor innovation or to bring out critical elements of organizational and / or procedural issues and suggestions for appropriate actions to remove them.